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Italy, the land of Dolce Vita.

WWhen you say Italy, you’re thinking of a 3000-year history, the good life, excellent kitchen and the breath-taking landscape. From the alps in the North to the Po plains and the slopes of the Apennines to the rough Abruzzian landscape and the southern region Di Calabria. Approximately 1200 km alternation. Every part has his own charm but Tuscany and Umbria really jump out!

Toscane, het paradijs op aarde

TUSCANY, paradise on earth

Most people heard or have been in Tuscany, but luckily it still has undiscovered little places. With special cities like Florence, Siena, Arezzo and Pisa. But there are also unknown treasures like Lucca, San Gimignano and Volterra. Where the landscape of Tuscany flows into the Etruscan Umbria, just barely in Tuscany lies the little village of Terontola. A typical Italian village, resting against the hills of the Apennines and looking over the Trasimeno lake.

TERONTOLA, on the border of Tuscany and Umbria

On the border of two of the most beautiful provinces of Italy, lies a little place named Terontola. Against the mountains of the Apennines, looking over the Trasimeno lake. A perfect starting point for hiking, biking or watersports. But also culture lovers will find lots to do and places to visit. Perugia, and Assisi are on the route and Lucca, Florence and Sienna are easy to visit in one day. A day trip to Rome is well in reach. You just hop on the train in Terontola which will bring you to this beautiful city in two hours.

Lago Trasimeno